Below you will find a complete list of lawn and land care services we have to offer here in the Northwest Ohio / Southeast Michigan area.

Lawn fertilizing

Tree & shrub spraying

Deep root tree & shrub fertilizing

Mole control

Rodent baiting

Insect control in lawns

Perimeter pest control sprays around buildings.

Dutch Elm disease prevention

Oak wilt prevention


Lawn Renovation

Emerald Ash borer treatments

Fruit reduction for various trees

Growth regulators

Plant nutrient deficiencies

Soil testing

Trunk injections

No spray child and pet safe applications for schools hospitals parks etc.

Vegetation control for parking lots fence lines

Weed control for ponds dikes etc.


Weed control for flower beds

Sucker control on Crab Apple trees

Over top kill of unwanted grass in shrubs

Weed control for lawns.

Mulching and landscaping


Property maintence

Shrub trimming

Slit Seeding

Over Seeding