About the founder of Complete Tree and Shrub Care.

Norbert Werstein had a keen interest in the outdoors as a young boy. Growing up in a family of landscaper artists, his father owned his own landscape business, so it was embedded in his mind from a very early age. While in high school Norbert participated in  a program at the Toledo Agriculture Center where he successfully completed the natural resources program, eventually learning the art of tree identification.

After successfully graduating from the program he went to work for Toledo Tree Service as a grounds man in 1999. While working there Norbert noticed a tree sprayer sitting around and asked if they used it anymore to which they answered; “ just for a few remaining odd jobs”. Norbert saw that piece of equipment with a different set of eyes and thought it had some terrific potential at the time, he asked for permission to learn to use the equipment thus further educating himself under their guidance and firmly planting his  roots in the soil. In a word, Norbert Werstein was “Hooked” and decided this is what he wanted to do for a career.

In 2001 he went to work for Blanchard Tree and Lawn in Toledo as a tree sprayer technician. He worked there for a year and decided to expand his horizons in the business; Norbert then went to work for Toledo Tree Service where he quickly became a manager and began to rebuild the Toledo Tree Service insect and disease control division. After learning that part of the business hands on, he worked hard and studied even harder, by 2002 Norbert was seeing his dream come true as he took the exams required of his chosen trade and successfully became a certified commercial pesticide applicator in the state of Ohio.

Two years later in 2004 Toledo Tree Service closed and a friend of Norbert’s opened up his own tree service called Aaron Tree & Lawn, Inc. Norbert was brought on board as a manger and salesman of the insect and disease program. While working for Aaron Tree & Lawn, Norbert learned even more about the art of preserving trees as he  became a certified arborist by the ISA “International Society of Arboriculture”. Three short years later Norbert Werstein’s dream of owning his own business became a reality as he started his own business; Complete Tree and Shrub Care, LLC.

Norbert has since added many other specialties to his areas of expertise including lawn care. He is a licensed commercial applicator in 8 tree, shrub, lawn, vegetation and vertebrae related categories in the states of Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin and a certified arborist. He diligently maintains his credentials through intense seminars and yearly testing.

Norbert and his company have been a vital part in saving hundreds of ash trees from the emerald ash borer. Some of the areas include the city of Fort Wayne Indiana, as well as the city of Cedarburg Wisconsin. He and his team have also saved countless numbers of ash trees for many private home owners in three states. For Norbert Werstein the care of trees, bushes and lawns is not just a business, it is a passion. That makes a huge difference in the level of care you will receive when working with Complete Tree and Shrub Care, LLC.